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First, it’s our belief that memes are meant to be shared, and we never intend to violate anyone’s copyright. If we have posted a meme you own and wish it to be credited or deleted, please contact us with your specific request; we do not require a formal DMCA notice to take action: we play fair.

Memes created by us include “” in the image. We also post memes created by Randy’s other sites and/or Facebook pages. We never put our URL on memes created by others. While we do claim copyright ownership on all memes created by us, they may be freely linked to, or otherwise shared, as long as they are not altered — for example, someone removing our URL, or putting their own URL in the image, as if they’re claiming authorship; that’s not playing fair.

Please do not submit memes for inclusion on this site: we’d quickly get overwhelmed with suggestions, and really — we have plenty of ideas! Thanks.