Confiscation Begins

For at least 8 long years, we heard repeatedly that “Obama is going to seize our guns!”
President Obama’s actual main action regarding guns: he signed a law allowing permit-holders to carry guns in National Parks, which had been illegal previously.
Yet in the Trump administration’s first year, gun confiscations really do begin.
The reactionaries’ response: not a peep.
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Not that I’m suggesting it’s a bad idea: they did somehow manage to get guns despite failing the background check. Yet what are we continually told? Little steps lead to big steps. After all, wasn’t that what was behind the February headlines like Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses?

Don’t like NBC? Then let’s try’s analysis of that action: Trump Nixed Gun-Control Rule

As you probably expected, the NRA supported Trump overturning that “mental illness” rule. What may surprise you: the ACLU did too.

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