What They Think

So many waste so much time and energy over what others think about them. Don’t worry about it until you already place value in their opinions. (And even then, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right.)

The Producers

“I was number one five years in a row at the box office. But what’s really stunning is that no one until me had ever gone from number one to number 38 in one year.” —Reynolds in 2005.

Choosy Mothers

Even if vaccines did cause autism (and they don’t!), they’d still be worth it: the odds of severe disability or death are much higher than the fake risk. This is My Response to Recent Headlines Like what? Disregarding Health Warnings, Arizona Lawmakers Move Forward On Vaccine Exemptions For Kids (February 22) “Do we want the next … See the Meme

Book Learnin’

When I was a young man I visited my aunt and uncle, and at dinner I said a word that stopped the conversation cold: I mispronounced it. “You might be right and we might be wrong,” they said — and my uncle grabbed a dictionary off a shelf within reach of the dining room table. … See the Meme

Ya Gotta Believe

I actually used that line as a slug (story title) in This is True way back in 1994.  I’ve seen it attributed to Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) as “Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.”* …but I think the way I said it is better. (Everybody wants to be an editor!) *Supposedly the full context: “Those … See the Meme

Funk’s First Observation

Andy Funk is an Emmy-award-winning broadcast engineer for The Weather Channel. His observation is 20/20 (or maybe 20/15 …or even 20/10), but now I want to know what his second observation is! Funk says: “I’ve never understood how aphorism ‘hindsight is 20/20’ came to mean that one’s understanding of past events is clearer than one’s … See the Meme

Just Do It

Well of course they were scared and felt outside their “comfort zone.” They just did it anyway. If your goal doesn’t scare you at least a little, it’s not a big enough goal.

What Could Go Wrong?

Don’t tempt the Universe. Last year was bad? Maybe, but don’t overlook that there was plenty of good, too. (Photo: The Sombrero Galaxy, Hubble Space Telescope/STScI.)