Seek But Ye May Not Find

Never have I ever felt so close to another person, yet so alone, as when I Google a problem and there’s just one result:
A thread by someone with the same problem, but no answer …posted in 2007.

And of course it says “thread closed” and there’s no way to contact the poster to ask, “Did you find a solution?”

Note: Because my comment below isn’t always showing at the top (it was the first comment made, shortly after this posted), I’m copying it here:

Heh! Someone on Facebook points to a 2011 XKCD panel with the same idea — . Now I wonder if the meme that I saw (and re-created for this, since the Nth-generation quality was so poor) was inspired by XKCD, or if XKCD was inspired by the meme. My guess: the former.

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