Just So You Know

It will be a struggle that I will have to bear. Please carry on without me. (If you didn’t already know, my primary presence on Facebook is here.)

It Doesn’t Rhyme Anymore

And really, is his list of children’s names, ages, exact addresses, and the best method to break into their homes fully encrypted? Not feeling festive for Christmas? You’re not alone. From my blog: Blue Christmas.

Lousy Advice

Truthfully, most of them are people I’ve never heard of before, and have no idea why they would think they’re “friends.” And I have no idea why they’d show them to me again after I’ve clicked Dismiss.

Rush Delivery

Our local UPS driver is, in fact, Tanya. She takes great care of us. (Yeah, one of my sidelines is Get Out of Hell Free® cards. Tanya delivers them from the printer.)

The Ultimate Weapon

Col. Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888–1935) was a British archaeologist, military officer, diplomat, and writer renowned for his liaison role in the Arab Revolt during WWI.