Silent Forgiveness

Commit Frequent Small Acts of Kindness and be a Fountian of Small Acts of Silent Forgiveness.
Why Silent?
Because telling someone who did not ask for your forgiveness that they are forgiven is passive-aggressive as shit. –Greg Bulmash

“Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Forgiveness is about you, not them. That’s why it’s powerful to forgive your long-dead parents.

Greg Bulmash, left, and Randy Cassingham

Note: You may have a feeling of recognition at the name Greg Bulmash. He’s an early online writer who created the April 1997 McDonald’s Job Application humor piece that someone started forwarding around the Internet as real — and it went viral. Clearly, he’s still an insightful online writer! And, of course, he’s an old friend of mine. (Click photo to see larger.)


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