George vs. George

And we don’t apologise …er… apologize! for breaking away. We’re both stronger for it. Be sure to see last year’s post too: Independence Day.

If You Can Smell It, It’s Too Strong

Yep: that’s a coal mine. And seriously: ask people if your scent is too strong. If they say yes, believe them — just a touch really is enough …and often too much.

You Got This

Belief is easy. Support is harder. Which do you really want from your friends?

There is Truth in Humor

Joey Adams (1911–1999) was an American comedian and New York Post humor columnist.

The Thanks I Get

I don’t suppose you’d be interested in dinner tonight…?

Mr. Fixit

Nope, don’t sell it. I’m gonna get to that.

Just Another Wednesday

Yep, I wrote it. Happy VD.

The Ideal Plan

I love it when  a plan comes together.

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

His wife, who couldn’t make it that night, was insistent that he get a good photo of her first-born’s milestone. “Let me see!” See what I mean about the “fall”?

No Really: It Was an Accident

Don’t get any bright ideas.