Emily on Life

A Prayer to the Universe for When I’m Caught Up in My Own Bullshit
May I remember that I am here on an Earth ride-along for what amounts to a fraction of a second in the vastness of time, and my life is Too short and unprecedented to waste it on anything or anyone that reduces it to a weight on my shoulders or a mistake to correct. There is much that is out of my control, but I get to decide where my energy goes. There is freedom in that.
—Emily McDowell (Instagram: @EmilyOnLife)

Emily McDowell (Instagram, web site where she sells her thoughts on cards, pins, mugs, etc.) is a writer and illustrator. I was particularly taken with this one. (Background image: a portion of the Hubble Deep Field: the telescope was pointed at a tiny and “empty” portion of space for a long exposure, which revealed nearly 3,000 previously unknown galaxies, some of which are among the youngest and most distant known.)

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