Role Model

I told my daughter to check her attitude.
She replied, “For complaints about attitude, please contact the manufacturer.”
Well played, my dear. Well played.
This was Midjourney’s first try for “A cute little girl against a white background.”

The main way children learn: by watching their parents. What are you showing them?

I decided that for this one I’d use an AI image generator (in this case, Midjourney 4) to create a generic little girl. The final was the fourth try. Still didn’t get the white background, but I was able to work with it.

Since “little girl” can obviously be very subjective, the prompt for the fourth try was “A cute girl aged 5 in regular clothing, white background.” All four outputs were Caucasian; three had strikingly blue eyes. One was totally creepy. None had the specified white background.


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