Lousy Advice

Truthfully, most of them are people I’ve never heard of before, and have no idea why they would think they’re “friends.” And I have no idea why they’d show them to me again after I’ve clicked Dismiss.

A Diller of a Time

She ought to know: she had six children (and outlived three of them). Born Phyllis Ada Driver (Diller was her first husband’s surname) Diller was the first female American stand-up comic to become a household name. She was best known for her eccentric stage persona, her self-deprecating humor, her wild hair and clothes, and her … See the Meme

I’m a Believer

And if you remember 1966, when the song was originally released (as I do), you’re definitely a rock old-timer! And hey, now that you have it going through your head anyway:

Dog Food

Pizza! Come here girl! Piiiizzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa! (Yes, I know the hour this is posted. Why do you ask?)

Mixed Messages

And hey! Let’s be safe out there. No drinking and doorknocking! (That goes for parents too!)