Thinking Ahead

Jennifer got a 4-year University degree before researching job potential. She has $270,000 in debt and can’t find a job.
Dave went to a 2-year Community College and learned a trade. He got a $70K/year job right out of school, and paid off his debts the first year.
Which One’s Smarter?

Don’t get me wrong: university educations can be terrific — I have one. And indeed it’s smart to get one when your chosen profession demands it. But not everyone should go to a university, and we need skilled workers too: electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, welders, legal assistants, medics, bookkeepers, and many more.

This is a drum Mike Rowe (best known for his TV show Dirty Jobs) has been beating for some time now. His mikeroweWORKS Foundation promotes the idea that it’s OK — and necessary — for someone to get their hands dirty to keep the country going. The goal shouldn’t be “get a college degree,” but rather find what would be fulfilling for you, and working smart to get there.


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