750 Years of Purity

750 years of filtering to perfect purity …BUT:
It goes bad by the end of the year. Sorry.

A photo from my trip to Ireland earlier this month. Ballygowan (from Irish Gaelic Baile Mhic Gabhann, meaning “MacGabhann’s town”) is in County Down, Northern Ireland, not far from Dublin. The bottled water company claims rainwater takes 750 years to filter down through the limestone before it then gets to their “source,” which I sincerely and fervently hope doesn’t mean “the tap at our bottling plant.” That’s 750 years of wonderful purifying action that makes for a “uniquely refreshing” experience.

Yet once they seal it in glass bottles, according to the date printed on the neck it apparently takes less than a year to become something you really shouldn’t want to drink anymore.

The Industrial Revolution: wrecking everything on the planet for about a third of those 750 years.

(Yes, I know American water bottlers have “Best By” dates too, though they’re mostly packaged in plastic, not glass, so I “believe” those more!)


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