Eyes Wide Open

It’s OK to look back at the past.
Just don’t stare.

Look back to learn and forward to change. Or you can always try this from a previous post: I Hear You Calling…

Posting Note: When my assistant created this graphic, she did it as a re-do of a poorly executed one found online. And she copied it over as a quotation, complete with an attribution to its supposed author, Benjamin Dover. As I reviewed her work to approve it to be posted, I couldn’t accept it: I just didn’t believe there was such an author putting out pithy sayings. I pointed out his name to her. She didn’t see any problem with it — it was spelled correctly. I asked her “What’s short for Benjamin?” Still didn’t quite notice it. “Ben Dover. Bendover. Bend Over.” *click*

“OK,” she said, “now I can’t not see it.” And she fixed the graphic, leaving out the “attribution.” –Randy

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