Five Scientists

“Can You Name Them All?”

Every time I go to a buddy’s house, I come away with a great meme. (The previous one.) I spotted these figures in a cubby on his living room wall. They’re about 2″ tall.

When he saw me spot them, he gave me this challenge: “Name them all and win the prize.” He didn’t offer any hints, but I gave you one in the title. I got them all on my first try.

Can you do it too? TRY it before scrolling down for the answers. Consider it your gift to yourself for my birthday tomorrow.

Everyone should be able to name them all. Everyone. Remember when science and thought and education mattered? I do. And really, these are pretty easy.

So try it. Who are the five super famous scientists represented by these figures?

Last chance before you scroll down.




Charles DarwinAlbert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton.

I hope you got them all correctly too.

Oh, and what was my prize?

I got the honor of passing along the challenge to you. If you got them, you may have the honor of sharing it too. Happy birthday.


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