49 Years Ago Today

Yeah, you saw everyone posting about the 49th anniversary of the first moon walk. Here’s something different. It was the first USPS “jumbo” commemorative airmail stamp, and you can’t get much faster than a rocket in space. The master printing die was taken to the moon on Apollo 11, and the crew canceled one test stamp … See the Meme


Arnold Toynbee (1852–1883) was a British economic historian noted for his social commitment and desire to improve the living conditions of the working class. Ironically, he apparently worked himself to death (at age 30). Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American … See the Meme

“The Spam Problem”

Sent by a reader* with the title shown as the subject line. I did track down the origin: it’s from November 30, 2016 — a few weeks after Trump was elected — as an entry in a Trump “Photoshop Battle” on Reddit by user LeontiosTheron. * I didn’t make it, so no “RandysRandom.com” imprint on it. The … See the Meme

Five Scientists

Every time I go to a buddy’s house, I come away with a great meme. (The previous one.) I spotted these figures in a cubby on his living room wall. They’re about 2″ tall. When he saw me spot them, he gave me this challenge: “Name them all and win the prize.” He didn’t offer … See the Meme

High Stakes

Think about it, boy. The truth really does matter. (This is a re-issue of an item from 2017 to provide a nicer version of the graphic.)

Down With the Losers

And what did they DO with the statue once it was knocked off its mighty perch? About half was melted down to make 42,088 bullets to shoot at the king’s soldiers! (Other parts, such as the king’s head, were carried away.) (Source) The painting: Pulling Down the Statue of King George III by William Walcutt, … See the Meme

The Inferior ‘Supremacists’

Ever notice that those who call themselves “supremacists” are almost always the most stupid, the most uneducated, the least able to think people in the country? Which is to say, the most inferior example of a citizen of a free country? You know, the sort of obliviot who doesn’t even see the irony of screaming “You … See the Meme

Seek and Ye Shall Find

The catch? The resulting ads won’t be as interesting as the Amazon search results.

My Little Internet

Once seen, some things are pretty hard to un-see. The Wild West still exists — online. “There Are More Wonders in this Universe than You Could Ever Have Dreamed of” — and some of those are nightmares. Or: If you can’t take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl … See the Meme

The Price of Love

I know several friends feeling this pain right now. And there are surely others feeling it that I don’t know about. I’ve always loved this quote, but research doesn’t find an author. But I can tell you the mountains are part of the San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains, and “Rocky” fits the feelings … See the Meme