The Other Opposite Sex

Let me get this straight.
Men in the dating scene are unshaven, unshowered, uneducated, uncouth, and have bulging beer bellies.
And then complain “hot women” aren’t attracted to them?

This is the follow-on to last week’s The Opposite Sex, where I asked the ladies what the opposite of that meme would be. I got surprisingly few responses, and this result is a composite of the few that were sent in.

That said, the suggestion that made me actually chuckle was: “Let me get this straight. Men on the dating scene lie about the cost of their car, the size of their bank account and the length of their penis. And then they complain that women are bad with numbers?”

As for the two photos used, this gal’s over-the-top eye-rolling beats the brooding dude by a mile!


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