Look Higher

Don’t Tell Me the Sky’s the Limit
when there are footprints on the moon.

I’ve always thought this quote was profound.

When I posted it, I commented:

It’s often attributed to “Paul Brandt” — but it’s not clear if that refers to Canadian country music artist Paul Rennée Belobersycky (Brandt is his stage name), or someone less famous. I searched music lyric sites to see if it’s in one of his songs, and didn’t find any hits.

Reader Jim in PEI, Canada, knew the song and confirmed it is a paraphrase of a Paul Brandt lyric, from “There’s A World Out There” (That’s the Truth album). Here’s the relevant portion:

There’s a world out there and I want to be in it
I got a life and I’m gonna live it
Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit
There’s footprints on the moon

Thanks, Jim!

(Photo by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, 2015)

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