There’s Support, and Then There’s Support

Stupid me: I’ve been using mine for a doorstop! Thought this would be a good follow-on to Friday’s post. (When choosing categories for this one, I debated about whether to click “Religion” — and while typing this, I decided the answer had to be yes.)

Hi, I’m Clippy!

“BUT ITS’ GRAYED OUT I CANT CLICK IT!!!!!!!!” Take a breath. Whatever it is probably won’t matter to you next week. Everyone calls the infernal thing that Microsoft introduced in Office 97 “Clippy” but its real name is Clippit — and we even know who to thank/blame for the look (but certainly not the idea behind … See the Meme

Forget Chemtrails

They mostly — but not always — attack (and beam up test subjects for those anal probes) in the summer.

Number Blocked

Really: I promise! Oh, and phone spammers? I don’t answer calls from anyone not in my phonebook, either. Go get a real job.

The Future is Here

Seriously: have you seen how some people drive? You want them flying near you? Let’s keep cars on the ground …and I’ll take one of these!

Today’s World

Meanwhile, Education is mostly stuck in the era of “Grapes of Wrath”.

April Fools?

OK, here you go: a religious theme this year for those who thought last year’s Easter meme was irreverent. You can hardly expect me to let an Easter April Fools Day go by without a post! (Photo: Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments — Paramount Pictures, 1956, when the world was still black & white.)

Bwah Hah Hahhhh

It … could … work! Bonus: all that alcohol from his copious martini consumption will ensure full combustion. Just a little thought that came to me when looking at the output on the system on our house….

You Deserve a Break Today

Of course, that’s why I prefer In ‘n’ Out.

Please Follow Instructions

“Why can’t people just do as they’re told?!” Maybe because you don’t even listen to yourself? (And yes, this is absolutely real: screenshot taken when I was renewing my passport.)