Choosy Mothers

If My Kid Can’t Bring Peanut Butter Sandwiches to School
…Your kid can’t bring deadly or debilitating preventable diseases to school.
Vaccinate, or I’m busting out the Jif.

Even if vaccines did cause autism (and they don’t!), they’d still be worth it: the odds of severe disability or death are much higher than the fake risk.

This is My Response to Recent Headlines

Like what?

And It’s Entirely Preventable. This isn’t a matter of “parental choice” but rather one of public health. And yes: I’m all for forced vaccinations unless the child has a specific illness that is recognized to be a contraindication. The absolutely ridiculous thought that vaccines can cause autism came from a lying and completely discredited British doctor. There are no ingredients in any vaccine that cause autism.

Legislators who ignore these unambiguous truths and clear warnings should be removed from office no matter their party affiliation. It’s an outrageous assault on public health.

Am I Heartless? Not at all: long-time readers know I’m an experienced medic who actually carries epinephrine — and have had to inject it into patients many times, including for severe reaction to accidental peanut ingestion.

Intelligent Reader Reaction

Copied to here from the Facebook post of this meme:

I have a granddaughter with a severe peanut allergy and appreciate the school not allowing peanut products. (She is up to date on all of her vaccinations.) I also appreciate all those responsible parents who not only protect their children by immunizing them, but protect the greater community of children — a subsection of whom are immuno-compromised and cannot receive immunizations — from the devastating results of contracting PREVENTABLE, potentially fatal illnesses. If the anti-vaxxers want to put their own children at risk, there is not much we can do about it. They do NOT, however, have the right to put other children at risk. The unvaccinated kids need to be banned from public schools and any publicly-funded activities for children. Private schools/organizations can write their own rules. Tired of the anti-vaxxer attitude that they can push their beliefs on others and put lots of kids — and communities — at unnecessary risk.

That’s one smart grandma.

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