Fall’s Coming…

Remember, business administrators: first it’s Halloween, then it’s Thanksgiving, and then it’s Christmas. And we’ll buy our holiday gifts whenever we damned well please — not when it’s convenient to your business needs. [Yes, this is a re-queue from last year. This is a message that needs to get out every year!]

Logical Conclusion

Jamie Farr, now the oldest surviving member of the M*A*S*H cast at 84, is one of only two cast members to have actually served in Korea (U.S. Army; the other was Alan Alda, now 82, who served in the U.S. Army Reserve). Update: A friend on Facebook saw this post and replied, “You can add … See the Meme

Not Even Once!

If you didn’t already know: René Descartes (1596-1650), Isaac Newton (1642-1726), Albert Einstein (1879-1955), and Stephen Hawking (1942-2018). (Hat Tip to buddy and STEM teacher John McKinnon.) OK, Per My Mail, a lot of you don’t get this one, even with the “not even once!” and “Satire” category hints. I think that’s a sign that my … See the Meme

Follow the Directions

Of course if that doesn’t work review the earlier meme, This Gives Me a Headache.

The Evident Corollary


Of course, then they’d be able to hit their targets, so best not to try it.

Blade Runner 2049

A friend says 11, 257, 631, 919, and 1697 are the only “must sees” — but that makes me suspicious since 2049 isn’t a prime number.

The Ultimate Chick Flick

Or, as TV writer Rick Polito put it in a 1998 TV listing, “Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.”

You’re Probably In Trouble

You may as well just put your hands behind your back and sign your savings over to your lawyer.

Chuck’s Horrifying Realization

Where do you think it comes from? (On the other hand, see yesterday’s entry for another theory….)