The Little Things in Life

It’s the little things in life that really matter. Take five minutes — frequently!

Just Another Wednesday

Yep, I wrote it. Happy VD.

Forest Boy & House Wolf

“5 Stars — Would Boop Again” Apparently from the Facebook page “Doggos Doing Things” (which has a number of posts like this). What put it over the top for me was when a friend shared it, she added the “5 Stars — Would Boop Again” comment. Made my day!

Disturbing News

You never know when — or where — someone is going to whisper something into your ear.

Differing Points of View

You may be right. The other guy may be right too. That’s the way the world actually works.

My Favorite Meme

This is one of my favorite memes of all time: just two words against the tiniest of things, yet it says so much. Mmmm… bacon! (And: Happy Birthday to me! Yep, very close to my assistant’s, last week. P.S.: Please never put my email address into online “greeting card” sites! Some are address collection sites for … See the Meme

Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo cats are awesome — mine helps me work. But even I have to admit: they’re not this smart! Clancy the Tuxedo Writer’s Cat was with me in 1994 when I started writing This is True. He loved to lounge on the back of my office chair. Yes, he was comfortable doing this! He died in … See the Meme

You Gotta Change Up Your Yin to Get the Right Yang

And there’s a lot of negativity out there these days….

Pi Day, You Say?

It’s true: Einstein really was born on March 14 — you know, “3.14”. (Poor Europeans, who don’t understand why there’s pie on 14/3.) NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is running a “Pi Day Challenge” — “You may already know all about the mathematical constant pi (π) and how it can be used to calculate things like … See the Meme

The Most Brilliant Dog Owner in the World

And it holds their mouths closed, so they can’t bark.