Dog Food

Pizza! Come here girl! Piiiizzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa! (Yes, I know the hour this is posted. Why do you ask?)

Forest Boy & House Wolf

“5 Stars — Would Boop Again” Apparently from the Facebook page “Doggos Doing Things” (which has a number of posts like this). What put it over the top for me was when a friend shared it, she added the “5 Stars — Would Boop Again” comment. Made my day!

My Favorite Meme

This is one of my favorite memes of all time: just two words against the tiniest of things, yet it says so much. Mmmm… bacon! (And: Happy Birthday to me! Yep, very close to my assistant’s, last week. P.S.: Please never put my email address into online “greeting card” sites! Some are address collection sites for … See the Meme

Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo cats are awesome — mine helps me work. But even I have to admit: they’re not this smart! Clancy the Tuxedo Writer’s Cat was with me in 1994 when I started writing This is True. He loved to lounge on the back of my office chair. Yes, he was comfortable doing this! He died in … See the Meme

Pi Day, You Say?

It’s true: Einstein really was born on March 14 — you know, “3.14”. (Poor Europeans, who don’t understand why there’s pie on 14/3.) NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is running a “Pi Day Challenge” — “You may already know all about the mathematical constant pi (π) and how it can be used to calculate things like … See the Meme