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Forest Boy & House Wolf

“5 Stars — Would Boop Again” Apparently from the Facebook page “Doggos Doing Things” (which has a number of posts like this). What put it over the top for me was when a friend shared it, she added the “5 Stars — Would Boop Again” comment. Made my day!

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My Little Internet

Once seen, some things are pretty hard to un-see. The Wild West still exists — online. “There Are More Wonders in this Universe than You Could Ever Have Dreamed of” — and some of those are nightmares. Or: If you can’t take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl […]

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Dog Goes Postal

Pippa likes to wait for the mail delivery, and take it into the house. Sadly, sometimes there’s no mail. Happily, their postman is really cool. He posted these photos (and comments) to Facebook last August, but they apparently only went viral recently.

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