Rush Delivery

Our local UPS driver is, in fact, Tanya. She takes great care of us. (Yeah, one of my sidelines is Get Out of Hell Free® cards. Tanya delivers them from the printer.)

Service with a Smile

“Well, if you didn’t want ‘that much damage’ you shouldn’t have been so careless in the first place.”

GDPR Baloney

Seriously: EVERY web site uses cookies. We all know that. Stop with the popup notices!

It Matters.

From the training manual for IRS agents when they look over your tax return. If the latter, you can expect an audit.

Please Follow Instructions

“Why can’t people just do as they’re told?!” Maybe because you don’t even listen to yourself? (And yes, this is absolutely real: screenshot taken when I was renewing my passport.)

The Corporate Ladder

In case you wondered how your boss got to where he (or she) is.

Out of Season

However, it is probably fair to say you have been baited.

Give Me a Reason

“Is that all? Then it’s worth it!”

A Brief Reprieve

Normally, we can all relate to this “caution” meme. But despite it being April 15 (“tax day” in the United States), it isn’t this year — because it’s a Saturday. But it’s not Monday, either: Washington D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day (anything for a holiday for workers there!) That is normally April 16, but that’s a Sunday, … See the Meme

Homeland Security

Seriously: it’s so rude! (The page on the screen: My Job Interview at Petco — One of RR’s most-shared memes.)