It Only Seems Like They’re Everywhere

In fact, I think most people are pretty cool. It’s the others that give us an opportunity to learn the lesson they provided. For the story behind this photo, see

Fidget Spinners

They’re not just for kids — and never have been!

Why They Need Training in Prisons

If he had crossed out “Hamilton” and put in “Jackson” he might have gotten away with it — but probably not once Harriet Tubman is on the front.

Body Cameras

Seriously: just about every public official ought to be wearing them — with the public being able to randomly view interactions.

Be On the Lookout

Yes, it’s hair and wardrobe test photos for “Production 1060” — better known as 1939’s Wizard of Oz featuring a young Judy Garland (born Frances Ethel Gumm: See? She really was using a fake name!)