The Hotel’s Advice

I took this photo: I saw it on the wall at the last hotel I stayed at (in Tooele, Utah). Seriously? Someone thought this was useful advice? (“Use stairs, not elevator” might be helpful, but this?!)

Don’t Pass on the Right

I love the subtlety of this. See the sign on the back? Don’t pass on the right!

No Homeless Problem

I spotted this display at the mall in Grand Junction, Colo., offering “support, a safe place to sleep & eat, clean clothes and decent coffee!” to the homeless. Pull a tab from the bottom of the poster so you know who to contact! And not one person has …because it’s locked behind glass. Yeah, really. … See the Meme

Out of Season

However, it is probably fair to say you have been baited.

Foul Fall Fad

Yes, the sign is real: I took the photo myself.

Flu Shots

Heck: now I’m stocked up for years to come! Thanks, Walgreens!

Company Hurricane Policies

I think I used to work for that company.

The Distillation Process

Are You Confessing, Or Bragging?

Reportedly posted at a church in Ireland. Thank you very much.

Attention Idiots

Sign reportedly posted at Alamo Tactical in San Antonio, Texas, and has reportedly been there in various forms for several years now.