Follow the Directions

Of course if that doesn’t work review the earlier meme, This Gives Me a Headache.

I’ll Drink to That

Why three? Because the doc said not to do doubles anymore.

But So Good

But oh so good — especially when done right, and served with a dollop of heavy cream.

It Only Seems Like They’re Everywhere

In fact, I think most people are pretty cool. It’s the others that give us an opportunity to learn the lesson they provided. For the story behind this photo, see

The Wicked Witch, Explained

It all makes a certain kind of sense, doesn’t it?

Flu Shots

Heck: now I’m stocked up for years to come! Thanks, Walgreens!

You’re Probably In Trouble

You may as well just put your hands behind your back and sign your savings over to your lawyer.

This Gives Me a Headache

It’s true: Bayer didn’t invent Heroin (generic name: diamorphine), but Bayer chemist Felix Hoffman perfected its manufacture. The head of Bayer’s research department reputedly coined the name Heroin, based on the German heroisch (“heroic, strong”). Hoffman wasn’t trying to make an opiate: he was actually trying to make synthetic cocaine out of morphine. Yeah, really. Heroin … See the Meme

That’s Legal Here

The Colorado Territory became the 38th State of the Union on August 1, 1876 — 141 years ago today. In the state, it’s “Colorado Day”. The meme is in recognition of Colorado being the first state to legalize marijuana for all three sectors: medicinal (2000), industrial (2013), and recreational (2014). Pot is highly taxed, and … See the Meme

Woe is Me!

Dag-nab-it! I’ll have to find a new hobby…